Carmel vs Mahopac 4/24/15

Posted On: Saturday, April 25, 2015
By: robin

The Carmel Rams girls lacrosse team both varsity and jv hosted the Mahopac varsity and jv lacrosse team on Friday April 24, 2015. Carmel varsity started out great but soon lost the lead to Mahopac . The players that Carmel varsity needs to be aware of at all times from Mahopac are number 4 and number 18.These two girls were all over the field and always thrown to. Carmel can make a come back and they CAN BEAT Mahopac when they play them again on Thursday May 2 in Mahopac. Stick to numbers 4, and 18 like glue Carmel and you can do it. Also remember that the Mahopac players are the queens of stalling and they will stall anytime they get that ball. They will try to lead you away from the goal to expose it so they can score. The jv team fared a little better but also lost to Mahopac. I truly believe that jv learned some valuable tools during the Mahopac game and they will also be victorious when they go against Mahopac again on May 2nd. LET’S GO CARMEL!!!!!

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